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Affirmation Helper

Take your meditation to the next level!

Affirmation Helper advanced meditation aid allows you to record your own affirmations and play them back during your meditation at a subliminal volume so your subconscious gets the message without resistance from your conscious mind. Recording your own affirmations allows you to know exactly what you are getting and helps you customize your goals. You can also download prerecorded affirmations for a variety of goals to help you get started quickly.

In addition, you can create binaural beats to set your brainwaves into the theta range for an enhanced meditation experience. You can select certain binaural beats such as the Schumann resonance, or frequencies that research has shown to have certain effects such as euphoria, sleep, immune support, cognitive function. A frequency list and search tool is provided to research your own frequencies.

Everything is played back on top of your choice of relaxing nature sounds, or you can choose white, pink or brown noise.

There is a free version and a full version. Full version has no ads, removes the 10 minute meditation limit, and allows you to download more prerecorded affirmations.



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Download the full version from the app store

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